Habitat for Humanity - Erie, PA



Do I have to be Christian to apply?

No. Anyone can apply regardless of religious affiliation. All applicants still must meet the criteria.

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What do you look for in an applicant?

There are 3 main qualifications for the housing program and they include: ability to pay/income guidelines, willingness to partner and housing need.

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What is sweat equity?

Sweat equity is the work that the applicant/future homeowner contributes toward the construction of his/her home and the construction of other Habitat for Humanity houses. The Greater Erie Area Habitat for Humanity requires a minimum of 300 hours.

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Are the Habitat houses free?

No. Habitat homeowners pay a mortgage. As a Christian Ministry, we follow the Biblical verse in Exodus which says “ If you lend money to the poorest among you, you shall not charge them interest”. By having a zero interest mortgage it makes a house affordable. Families generally have 25 years to pay back their mortgage. Mortgage payments are put into a revolving fund which is used as seed money for other Habitat houses.

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Do you have to have construction experience to help?

No. No experience is necessary. There are site supervisors who provide all the training for the tasks of the day. All the tools are also provided. If you do have construction experience and are willing to donate some time, you can help make someone’s dream of homeownership come true.

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Can Habitat for Humanity help with home repair?

Although some affiliates have home repair programs, the Erie affiliate does not currently have such a program.

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Are all the materials for the houses donated?

No. All the materials are not donated. Donations tend to vary by house project. Through the generosity of suppliers, we have been blessed in the past with the donation of various items including: doors, windows, foam board, locks, electric supplies, among other items. In addition to soliciting product donations, we raise money from our generous community to purchase the rest of the materials for the construction of the houses.

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