Habitat for Humanity - Erie, PA


There are many opportunities to help families outside of construction. Behind the scenes are 10 busy committees working on various elements of the Habitat for Humanity mission. All the committees are staffed by volunteers and many of them have openings just for you.

Whether you chose to partner with one of our potential families, help our grants committee find our next grant, or help our site selection committee find our next build site, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved.

Below is a list of our committees. If one or more of them sounds exciting to you and you would like to be part of forming Habitat’s future in Erie, please fill out the committee interest form and someone will contact you with further details.

Church Relations (Actively Recruiting)

As a Christian ministry, this committee is tasked with keeping us grounded in our Christianity by providing devotional materials, pipelines for volunteers and potential families. The Faith Builds are coordinated through this committee.

Construction (Actively Recruiting)

This committee is tasked with developing construction capacity to build more homes, to review building codes, design plans and review building schedules.

Family Partnership (Actively Recruiting)

The members of this committee serve as partners/mentors to the families going through the Habitat program. They answer the family questions, keep them motivated on their sweat equity and plan their dedication along with the family.

Family Selection

This committee is hot 2x a year and is responsible for recommending to the board of directors candidate families who meet the Habitat criteria.


This committee oversees the fiscal components of the organization.

Fund Development (Actively Recruiting)

This committee is tasked with supporting all aspects of fundraising from annual fund to developing major gifts and planned giving programs.


This committee is responsible for overseeing the way the board does its business. It is responsible for developing policy and for elections, orientation and board development.

Grants (Actively Recruiting)

This committee is tasked with researching grant opportunities, developing templates and tools for tracking awards.


This icommittee is tasked with formulating a marketing campaign, identifying key messaging and developing the best tools to communicate the messages.

Site Selection (Actively Recruiting)

This committee is tasked with developing a land acquisition strategy and criteria for future builds. This committee follows up with inquires and offers of donated lots and/or houses.

ReStore (Actively Recruiting)

This is our NEWEST committee that is tasked with helping to grow the Restore through community awareness of the service that the store can provide. They also generate ideas for acquiring new and used building materials and deal with other store related issues.

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